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Horizontal (Floating face)


oil, canvas, 150 × 70 cm

purchased in 2019 with support from the Czech Republic Ministry of Culture

Korpaczewski’s artistic signature is unique and distinctive. On the one hand it incorporates strong, unambiguous figures, on the other hand there is a high degree of expressivity in his broad brushstrokes and vibrant colours. He uses figures as visual communicative signs, drawing on their wide spectrum of potential – from facial communication to gestural movements and a more symbolic approach to figures as complete entities. He tends to concentrate his focus on one solitary depicted entity (wither a person or a thing), which always uncompromisingly occupies the centre of the canvas. Korpaczewski’s urgency and economic artistic language draws the viewer deep into the image. Most of his paintings are characterized by a quietly contemplative mood, in which time appears to have stopped. He does not seek out unnecessary drama, nor does he distract the viewer by overlaying various narratives or breaking up the information in disintegrated images. Korpaczewski’s figures are clear, penetrating communicative signs, deliberately wrenched from their wider context and forced into a quiet, contemplative setting which borders on the spiritual.


Igor Korpaczewski completed his studies of painting at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, returning to the Academy four years later as a teacher at Jiří Sopko’s studio. Korpaczewski emerged on the arts scene in 1998 when he participated in the last exhibition of the legendary “Confrontations” series at Svárov. After completing his studies he also exhibited at several venues including Prague’s U Řečických Gallery and the JNJ Gallery. In the first decade of the new millennium he held his first individual exhibitions at the Václav Špála Gallery (2001), the MeetFactory in Prague and the Galerie Dole in Ostrava (both 2008). Besides painting, he is also a prolific musician, performing under the pseudonym Clean Dirt.
oil, canvas, 90 × 130 cm, purchased in 2019 with support from the Czech Republic Ministry of Culture

In the Dark Ice

Girl in a fur

Girl in a fur

Old Eroticism

Old Eroticism

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Concrete (Below a Slag-Heap)

Wallachian Madonna

Wallachian Madonna

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